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Our company relies heavily on its bases tradition of authenticity and freshness of products, and began his…


Conventional products

The conventional agriculture, part of an evolving model of economic development, shared common goals in recent decades…


Organic products

Organic farming is based on some key concepts on which each operation carried out within the farm has…

Quality and Transparency

Our primary purpose is to offer high quality products, starting from raw material production, through the various stages of processing, distribution and marketing, until it reaches the tables of those demanding consumers who like to know the origin of what they eat to ensure their own health and demonstrates the goodness of the product.


Penta Food S.p.A.


Fruit Logistica

Penta Food SpA sarà presente all'edizione di Fruit Logistica: dal 03- 05 Febbraio 2016 Fruit Logistica si tiene a: Berlino -
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Fruit Logistica 2011

Penta Food S.p.A. al Fruit Logistica 2011.
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