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Our company relies heavily on its bases tradition of authenticity and freshness of products, and began his business with the marketing of fruit and vegetables fresca.Nel over the years has gained extensive experience specializing in the distribution of a wide range of products fresh highly selected, summarizing in a single product, the goodness and wholesomeness of the raw materials with the most modern technologies for processing and packaging.

Quality and transparency

Global G.a.p., Leaf and Nurture

Our primary purpose is to offer high quality products, starting from raw material production, through the various stages of processing, distribution and marketing, until it reaches the tables of those demanding consumers who like to know the origin of what they eat to ensure their own health and demonstrates the goodness of the product.


The staff

Strong collaboration and innovative ideas

Our staff consists of qualified, dynamic and well trained and constantly looking for cutting-edge news and ideas, whether through participation in the most important trade fairs (Macfruit – Cesena, Fruit Logistica – Berlin, Sial – Paris, Alimentaria – Barcelona), to keep up to date. We work in a climate of synergy and complete cooperation, starting from the general direction until the salesman, who, at any time, request and offer.


Small, medium and large retailers in Italy and abroad

Our products, thanks to Total Quality and guaranteed to offer great variety, are appreciated by the small, medium and large retailers, and have conquered the retail and wholesale market in Italy and abroad: in fact exporting nations such as England, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Belgium, Switzerland, Slovenia, Sweden, Denmark, Finland.