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Organic products

Organic farming is based on some key concepts on which each operation carried out within the farm has influence and affect the entire production system, a chain of effects which are interrelated.

Safeguarding the agro-ecosystem

The care and increase soil fertility, preservation of the balance between living organisms present in it, the presence of ecological infrastructures, such as hedges, tree lines, grassy strips, ditches, in order to provide shelter and food for beneficial insects, birds, reptiles, etc. means safeguarding the agro-ecosystem and at the same time to get help it to grow healthy plants and better defend them from pests.

img_biologicoIt therefore appears that the definition of organic farming intended merely as a method that would exclude the use of synthetic chemicals, and over-simplification and does not take into account the principles underlying the multiplicity and the techniques used.

EEC Regulation 2092/91

The techniques of cultivation and breeding for organic farming are set out in EEC Regulation 2092/91 (as amended and supplemented), which is the legislative reference reference. In it are defined in the method of agricultural production to the plant and animal products, regulation of labeling, processing, trade in organic products within the EU, as well as the importation of such products from third countries. The regulation also defines the setup and operation of the control system and of the certifying agencies.