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Conventional products

The conventional agriculture, part of an evolving model of economic development, shared common goals in recent decades to other human activities increase revenues and reduce labor.

The agriculture with intensive systems

Their achievement was therefore focused on increasing yields, ie the quantity produced per unit area, and on the use of mechanization. Inevitably, and found to apply intensive systems, with extensive use of capital to acquire external resources. Have obtained very satisfactory results in terms of quality and quantity, resulting in economic benefits.

img_convenzionaleThe negative impact on the environment

Are not missed, however, the negative effects to the ecology of the agricultural system and the environment in general (soil and water pollution, elimination of insects but harmless sensitive to poisons, induction of resistance to pesticides, flattening of biodiversity).

Rationalization of operations

In order to combat and limit these drawbacks, the most recent trends of conventional agriculture provide a general rationalization of operations, with a reduction in their numbers over the crop cycle.

At the same time lowered the doses are administered with a dual purpose: to reduce the dangerous accumulation of harmful substances into the soil and underlying aquifers and reduce damage to the surrounding vegetation on beneficial insects and the environment in general.